Watch: Tide uses Pro-Life language in tv ads




In a society where the media uses words like "choice" or "fetus" when referring to the unborn, one company promotes Life, and proudly embraces the words "miracle" and "blessing" in two commercials.  Watch.


[Tide video 1]


[Tide video 2]


Tide's commercials are a refreshing change from the bitter attitude the media so often has about babies.  And unfortunately, this bitter attitude affects the culture.  Women in Texas who choose abortion often cite financial constraints as a top reason for their decision, which is one of the reasons why Texas Right to Life supports and empowers our Pro-Life pregnancy centers that care for women free of charge.


But the parents in the first commercial admit that, although their large family strains their budget, they are blessed to be stressed. 


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I'm Rachel, and this is the Texas Right to Life Network.

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