Video captures raw, unscripted reactions of women age 15 to 50 to the word, "abortion"

A new video about abortion perceptions is making waves on both sides of the abortion debate, and several takeaways can be gleaned from watching.  The video was produced by Cut Video, which asked women ages 15 to 50 for their reaction to the word “abortion.”

First, watch the video yourself:

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One abortion activist’s commentary on the compilation of answers suggests that watching the video elicits rage and elation alike all within a very short timeframe.  Rage because some women have the audacity to express concern for preborn Life, and elation because of the kneejerk reactions in favor of “choice”:  “So, basically, this whole affair is lively and maddening all at once, and you will almost certainly just start screaming unintelligibly at your screen for the majority of the three and a half minutes.”  The commentator writes that, by the end, she wanted to purchase a trident to throw at her computer screen.  Was your reaction inarticulate rage?  Or did the answers induce a more reflective, thoughtful response in you?  Here are a few things we noticed:

Like Dave Andrusko at National Right to Life, we noticed that the youngest respondents were the most unabashedly Pro-Life.  For them, the issue boils down to an uncomplicated, self-evident reality.  In a word, abortion is horrible because Life is beautiful and worthy of protection.  And the youngest women saw this with clarity, perhaps unadulterated by the mainstream demand for “tolerance” of the anti-Life agenda.

The anti-Life answers were more rote – the scripted soundbites of “choice” and “right” dotted the radar but were often unaccompanied by any personal addendum of allegiance to the cause.  Pro-Life answers, on the other hand, were heartfelt, sometimes personal.  One woman, a 35-year-old, said she was “against it,” sharing that she was “asked to have an abortion.”  She refused, “and I’m really happy about it,” she said.  “She is my motor, and she is the reason why I wake up every day.”  The 16-year-old featured at the beginning of the video called abortion “horrible,” saying, “If you’re given the gift of a baby, you should treasure that gift.”

Several respondents ascribed to the belief that abortion is a ‘difficult decision’ without voicing clear opposition to or support for the choice.  In the 31-year-old’s case, a sad demeanor and cracking voice suggested that a personal history with abortion – whether her own or someone else’s – characterized her perception of the issue.  Her response was: “Pain.  No matter what choice a woman makes, it’s a painful decision.”  The 21-year-old respondent called abortion a “controversial choice, but ultimately everybody has their own reasons.”

With all these thought-provoking responses captured in one video, we don’t understand why you would want to hurl a trident through your computer screen rather than reflect on what these women think and feel.  Activists who try to market abortion as a casual “medical procedure” are the only ones who find it impossible that women’s candid responses to the word “abortion” are anything but simple.

What did you think of the responses?  What comes to mind when you hear the word, “abortion”?

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