Utterly brutal

Right now, in our nation’s capital, babies can be aborted for any reason whatsoever, at any time during pregnancy. This includes babies who can feel excruciating pain during the abortion process.


Medical experts agree that babies feel pain by 20 weeks fetal age – if not earlier – yet at this age and stage of pregnancy, abortionists commit the most brutal method of abortion.


Because of the larger size of the child, abortionists use a method called dilation and evacuation, during which the abortionist twists off the child’s arms and legs using only glinting forceps and brute force. The child is then removed from her mother’s womb, piece by piece.


After birth, this would no doubt be considered cruel and unusual, and a measure before U.S. Congress would protect preborn babies from this barbaric practice.


U.S. Congressman Trent Franks (AZ) has filed a bill that would put an end to these torture sessions. The D.C. Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 3803) would ban abortions in Washington, D.C. after 20 weeks fetal age, when we know children can feel pain, unless the mother’s life is endangered.


This bill is set to be marked up very soon by the House Judiciary Committee, the first step toward the bill becoming law, but


Because the U.S. Congress has jurisdiction over the District of Columbia, your federal representative helps govern Washington, D.C.


Call your representative today and urge him to support the Pain bill.


The U. S. Congress is about to recess for an entire month, starting August 4th. Pro-abortion groups are already pressuring lawmakers to use delaying tactics to stall this bill and run out the clock, so contact your member of Congress today and urge him or her to vote to protect babies before the August recess.


Tell your member of Congress to pressure leadership to call for an immediate vote on this lifesaving measure!


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