Update on Fort Worth abortion mega-center construction boycott

Although one contractor has already bravely abandoned a contract to help build the largest abortion facility in North Texas, more contractors have – possibly unknowingly – joined Planned Parenthood in its evil project, located at 6400 John Ryan Drive, Fort Worth, Texas.

Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, said that the best way for concerned North Texas residents to oppose Planned Parenthood’s construction project is to influence the contractors.

“Our goal is to save lives by making Planned Parenthood spend more time and money on this project than budgeted. If we can’t completely stop the construction, we can delay it and make it more expensive to complete. Residents can do this by encouraging contractors to use their valuable labor on projects that benefit the community, not destroy it,” she said.

Texas Right to Life asks concerned Pro-Life Texans to respectfully contact the following companies, and encourage them to immediately cease their business relationship with Planned Parenthood, America’s chief abortion committer:

Gray Henry with Cerine Management, LLC:  214-316-0734.

Double Eagle Electric:  (817) 572-0391; contact@2eagle.net

Tri Dal Ltd.:  Click here to see a full list of employees with direct contact information. If you know any of the individuals listed, please contact them and kindly inform them to ask their employer to stop working with Planned Parenthood. In the past, we have found that when employees pressure their bosses to vacate a project, a chain reaction is set off within the company that can cause management to abandon a project when they otherwise would not have.

If you would like to learn of additional ways to help, contact Texas Right to Life at 713-782-5433. 


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