Tomorrow: Planned Parenthood to hold protest at Houston office of Senator Ted Cruz, other locations around Texas

When the truth doesn’t pad their pockets, Planned Parenthood unscrupulously resorts to lying. 

Fuming over being ousted from the Texas Medicaid program, Planned Parenthood has launched a #PinkOutTX day to propagate lies about why they got the boot.  Planned Parenthood-sponsored rallies will take place in several Texas cities tomorrow, Thursday, November 5.

Masters of mental gymnastics, Planned Parenthood officials sidestep their own law-breaking behavior (which disqualified them from the Texas Medicaid program), describing the state’s investigations as “a desperate attempt to justify blocking Medicaid patients from turning to Planned Parenthood.”  Actually, the state needs no further “justification” whatsoever to give Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding to more deserving healthcare providers for women. 

As Texas Right to Life Legislative Director, John Seago, explained at Texas Tribune last week:

The most-neglected fact about the Medicaid contract story, however, is that affiliates across the state have already been found to have committed Medicaid fraud (allegedly in the tens of millions of dollars).  This alone is reason for the state to end any and all taxpayer funding.  In one case, Texas Planned Parenthood affiliates were caught billing Medicaid for services that were never provided and were not indicated (such as invoicing taxpayers for birth control in the name of women who had already been sterilized).  Until now, Texas taxpayers have more than accommodated the abortion business.

Nice try, Planned Parenthood, but Texans know what you did to disqualify yourself from receiving our tax dollars. 

Planned Parenthood supporters will be peddling their false narrative at six statewide rallies tomorrow from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.

TAKE ACTION:  Consider attending one of the following Planned Parenthood rallies tomorrow to counter protest peacefully and stand for Life.   Wear BLUE. 


Senator Ted Cruz’s downtown office

808 Travis Street

Houston, TX  77002


Texas State Capitol

1100 Congress Ave.

Austin, TX  78701


Planned Parenthood

3701 S. Cooper St.

Arlington, TX  76015


Health and Human Services office

2345 e. Price Rd.

Brownsville, TX  78521


4522 Fredericksburg Rd.

Balcones Heights, TX  78201


Shelburne Health Center

9100 N. Central Expressway

Suite 169

Dallas, TX 75231

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