Texas Right to Life seeks activists to participate in abortion mill construction boycott

Planned Parenthood of North Texas is currently building the largest abortion center in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex at 6400 John Ryan Drive, Fort Worth, Texas.

The center will house administrative offices, examination rooms, and a surgical abortion center.

All other details (except an artist’s rendering of the completed building) have been kept under wraps, such as the projected completion date, but successful efforts by Pro-Life activists have already interrupted the abortion business’s plans. A contractor hired to pour the foundation walked off the job as soon as he learned what he was helping to build.

Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, means to ensure that more contractors walk off the job: “Our goal, if not to completely stop the construction, is to make Planned Parenthood spend more time and money than budgeted. We do this by encouraging contractors to use their valuable labor on projects that benefit the community, not destroy it.

“Texas Right to Life was involved in a similar construction boycott in Houston a few years ago, and our efforts – and the valiant efforts of other Pro-Life organizations and citizens – delayed the completion of the biggest abortion mill in America by two years. No doubt many lives were saved.”

Although one contractor has left the north Texas job, Planned Parenthood has already secured another one to take his place.

Texas Right to Life and Texas Contractors and Suppliers for Life encourage Pro-Life Texans to respectfully contact Gray Henry with Cerine Management, LLC, and ask that he end his business relationship with Planned Parenthood.

Pro-Lifers should explain to Mr. Henry that Planned Parenthood’s presence is harmful to the community, and that his company’s partnership with Planned Parenthood may negatively affect his future business. Pro-Lifers will be assured that Mr. Henry has abandoned the project when his state permit displayed at the construction site has been removed.

Mr. Henry's phone number is 214-316-0734.

In addition to contacting the contractor, Texas Right to Life and Texas Contractors and Suppliers for Life are seeking volunteers to monitor the construction site. Interested individuals may contact Texas Right to Life for more information at 713-782-5433. 


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