San Antonio Planned Parenthood facility unable to open as planned

Earlier this month, an under-construction Planned Parenthood facility was poised to become an “abortion tourism” location attracting abortion-minded mothers from across the state of Texas. The new facility, in accord with the 2013 Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, is designed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) mega-facility. However, multi-layered efforts by San Antonio Pro-Lifers have been so successful that the abortion giant’s schedule was thwarted, and today the abortion mill has no opening date in sight.

Planned Parenthood, always confident that they are above the law, seems to have expected smooth sailing in spite of the fact that they skirted the city’s zoning requirements. Planned Parenthood has found a different landscape in the State of Texas, where Pro-Lifers don’t let the abortion industry function sans scrutiny. Pro-Lifers raised awareness of the illegal activity, and the city of San Antonio has issued a court order blocking Planned Parenthood from moving forward until the zoning issues can be resolved.

Cheryl Sullenger reports:

Seeking to block the clinic’s opening, pro-life activists filed suit against the City of San Antonio and Planned Parenthood South Texas and obtained a temporary restraining order against the City that prevents them from issuing the permits that could allow the abortion clinic to open. (Franco v. Sanchez, et al, Case number 2015CI00039)

In order to open, Planned Parenthood would need a certificate of occupancy and a special permit to be zoned as a C1 facility. C1 facilities are not allowed to conduct surgical operations, which Planned Parenthood will do by committing surgical abortions. Similar Planned Parenthood facilities are zoned C3.

Currently, while the ASC provisions of HB 2 are sorted out by the courts, Planned Parenthood’s nearby location remains operational. However, when the ASC provision goes into full effect later this year, Planned Parenthood will have to move into an ASC facility, or shut their doors in San Antonio for good. The objective of the Pro-Life community is to ensure that the zoning and construction issues incurred by the new facility continue to be disciplined by the City of San Antonio, ensuring that the facility will be unable to open at all.

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