Pro-Lifers "attacked" with hilarious glitter bombs

In an antic as weak and laughable as their movement, abortion advocates have sent glitter bombs to Pro-Lifers they want to silence.

Glitter bombing targets included Pro-Life Congressman Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, the staff of Students for Life of America, the Pro-Life Action League, and other Pro-Life activists and groups.  The anti-Life group is called “Glitter Bombs for Choice.”  The response from targets has been less explosive than they might have hoped, though.

Students for Life of America received the above glitter bombs, stating on Facebook:

For all the great pro-life work we are doing, abortion advocates sent us

glitterbombs [sic]. We could not be more excited! Always a great thing to be

recognized for protecting life and even better when it includes glitter!

“Apart from meeting a baby saved, this is the best award for our work,” said Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America.  “Thank you Glitter Bombs for Choice!!!”

The letter sent to Rep. Fortenberry stated, “Congrats, you’ve earned this for trying to deny women their right to choice.  Mind your own uterus.”  (Newsflash: As a man, Rep. Fortenberry does not have a uterus.)  Daily Caller reporter Rachel Stoltzfoos aptly called the move “strikingly immature.”

“Fortenberry was voting on Capitol Hill when the glitter bomb exploded all over his Nebraska staffers,” said Stoltzfoos.  A spokesperson for Rep. Fortenberry said, “Nobody was injured, except now people have glitter on their clothes.”

A theme of the notes to Pro-Lifers is a vulgar accusation that they have a “fetus fetish.”  Kelsey Hazard of Secular Pro-Life examined the notion of a “fetish” related to thepreborn, noting the absurdity of accusing Pro-Lifers of having a sexual attraction toward children in utero.  But Hazard poignantly noted that the tactic of making an absurd accusation like the “fetus fetish” slam is nothing new:

[Abortion advocates] might be surprised to learn that their lowball tactic is actually centuries old.

White abolitionists, particularly women, were vilified by slavery supporters as "n****r-lovers." And the epithet never really died out.2  When Viola Liuzzo, a young white woman who actively supported the civil rights movement in Selma, was murdered by Klansmen in 1965, "people … called her a white whore and a n****r lover, and said that she was having relations with black men."

The absurd name-calling to which the anti-Life movement has resorted only affirms the success of our movement.  If glitter bombs and “fetus fetish” accusations are all the abortion movement has left to hurl, perhaps they realize that the legislative successes and public opinion they once enjoyed now belong to the Pro-Life cause.  We suspect Glitter Bombs for Choice intended to offend with their sparkly surprises.  But, the recognition for defending Life is well-deserved. And – as Students for Life said – “even better when it includes glitter!”

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