Pro-Lifers Move in Next Door to Planned Parenthood

On Wednesday, June 1st, Pro-Life Waco’s ‘Hope House’ moved into a building 50 feet from Planned Parenthood of Central Texas.  This particular Planned Parenthood began performing abortions in 1994; Pro-Life Waco has been an unwelcome sight to the workers at this mill for the last 17 years. 

Director John Pisciotta describes Hope House as a safe place from which Pro-Life Waco can effectively reach out to abortion-vulnerable women.  Pisciotta is optimistic that being next door to Planned Parenthood will allow women to see they have alternatives to abortion.  "If there is a hope to talk, we can say, 'Just pull out and come next door,'" Pisciotta told Waco’s Channel 25 News.  "'Park next door and we can go in and we can visit for a little while.'"

Planned Parenthood of Central Texas CEO Felicia Goodman said that PP’s new neighbors are abetting in the “War on Women.”  Goodman called the move an “act of aggression” that “adds insult to injury” after Texas legislators voted to reallocate $61 million away from the abortion industry. 

A blue tarp has been hung on Planned Parenthood’s side of the fence.  Goodman called it a defense of their patients and expects hostilities to arise from the house next door.  "There is not hostility.  There is not law breaking," said Pisciotta. "I mean, here's the hostility — kids chalking the sidewalk, 'Jesus loves you.'"

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