Pregnant Texas teen wins case, cannot be forced to have abortion

A sixteen-year-old girl from Harris County will be able to keep her unborn child.


The girl, whose identity is being protected, filed suit against her parents, claiming they were trying to force her to abort her now-11 week old unborn child. 


Last week, the parents of the girl rescinded their threats in a court of law; the girl and her boyfriend – Evan Madison – will be able to continue the pregnancy without fear of being pressured into an abortion. 


Texas Right to Life is relieved that the mother and child is no longer in harms way. We are pleased that the law properly protected this girl and that she was not forced to end the life of her child against her will. 


Texas has an obligation to protect these girls and their unborn children from the destructive consequences of abortion.  Texas Right to Life continues to work to ensure that both mother and child are protected from the deadly nature of abortion.


The sixteen-year-old and Madison state they would one day like to be married.  "We were always determined to have the baby," Madison said in an interview with CNN.  

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