Planned Parenthood aborts family planning clinics to create new Abortion Mega-Center

Planned Parenthood of North Texas has launched a $21.5 million capital campaign to create a new abortion “flagship” center in the area.  The Shaping Our Community, Our Health, Our Future campaign is Planned Parenthood’s battle plan to create an abortion mega-center similar to the one that opened in Houston last year.  

That Planned Parenthood is planning to open this abortion supercenter as it is closing its Family Planning clinics—which do not perform, but refer for abortions—across North Texas shows where its true priorities lie.  Since the end of the 82nd Texas Legislative Session, Planned Parenthood of North Texas has closed seven Family Planning clinics across north Texas as a result of the $64 million that was stripped away from the abortion industry.  The fact that no capital campaign has been started in order to save any of these clinics, or open new ones, seems to indicate that Planned Parenthood’s claim of putting more emphasis on family planning than abortion services is empty rhetoric.  While the new center will offer some family planning services, abortions will likely be its main draw and source of revenue.       

The new campaign aims to raise enough money to replace the current Fort Worth building with a center that is triple in size and more “modern.”  A full $6.5 million from the campaign is directed to build the Fort Worth Health Center, which will include “a surgical care center and administrative providers.”

The exact location for the new Fort Worth Health Center is currently unknown.  An email sent out to potential donors promises that “Planned Parenthood will be opening the new flagship facility…within the next year and a half.  Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we cannot disclose an exact location or open date, but the project is on track and moving forward.”

Because Houston and soon Fort Worth are home to Planned Parenthood’s Mega Abortion Mills, the pro-abortion business has thoroughly permeated our Pro-Life state with its abortion mills and abortion-minded Family Planning Clinics.  View our interactive map here to see how Planned Parenthood has targeted your community.  


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