Op-Ed: Gratitude, or schizophrenia?

Each year on March 10, Pro-Lifers have to keep their collective gag reflex in-check as the social media accounts of groups on whom we invariably keep tabs flood with gushing, fawning praises of the men and women we have dedicated our lives to putting out-of-business: abortionists.

When the sun rises on March 10, we let out a unanimous groanand face-palm over the fact that some people in this country still not only tolerate, but glorify abortion to such a degree that they celebrate the “National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.” And this in the face of legion evidence that abortion hurts women, brutally kills innocent human beings, and holds America captive in a static position of barbarism of the most insidious kind.

Indeed, America is lauded as the economic and technological trendsetter on the global stage. Yet our basic principles are stuck in a draconian and ethically unenlightened past. In 1994, Mother Teresa memorably admonished America, saying: “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

“Using violence to get what they want” is precisely what occurs when parents and a doctor conspire to violently end the Life of an unborn child. The mother, through whatever circumstances brought her to the abortionist, has chosen a violent end to what (or, more accurately, whom) she perceives as a problem. In turn, the abortionist profits handsomely. A padded coffer in exchange for a contrastingly vacuous womb – this is what abortion advocates praise when they offer their gushing appreciation to abortionists all over the country on March 10, year after year.

Dave Andrusko of National Right to Life poignantly noted the theme of God throughout this year’s abortionist accolades. “March 10 does seem to be the preferred day for invoking God’s blessings on men who slaughter His creations,” said Andrusko, who went on to profile the worst offenders (who commit abortions in the name of their Christian faith). The late George Tiller, for example, was infamous for being a “Christian” abortionist. “Tiller specialized in late, late abortions,” said Andrusko, “babies so developed no doubt even he might have had trouble compartmentalizing what he was doing.”

Abortionist Willie Parker is another prime example of the God phenomenon in abortion work. Apparently, using God as a marketing tactic does wonders for business (Parker, for example, can commit 45 abortions in one day; his preacher-esque style putspregnant mothers at ease). In fact, Parker is so audacious in his Christian persona that he insists that his dedication to killing preborn children persists not in spite of, but because of his belief in God. “Nobody can tell Parker that being an abortionist for hire is in conflict with being a Christian. It’s just the opposite,” says Andrusko.

The violence of abortion, as Mother Teresa noted, is wholly incompatible with peace and love. The violence that dismembers, suctions, decapitates, suffocates, burns, and incinerates preborn children is wholly incompatible with the peace and love that characterize the Judeo-Christian God. To call God’s blessing upon abortion – or to appreciate abortionists in the name of God is truly schizophrenic to the core.

Pro-Lifers and abortion advocates are still discussing the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers (NDAAP) on social media. Join in, using the hash tag #ProudToProtect to share why you are Pro-Life in a world that celebrates the #NDAAP.


Lauren Enriquez is a freelance writer, wife, and mother. She is a graduate of Ave Maria University, where she studied Classics and Early Christian Literature. Over the last seven years, Lauren has worked with Texas Right to Life in the capacities of intern, student fellow, legislative associate, and communications consultant. She specializes in helping Pro-Life organizes maximize their written and media presence.

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