One mother’s story of abortion regret: "I know there was a place for my daughter in my family"

Among a collection of abortion stories shared by in December is a tale of regret and heartbreak which echoes the testimonies of countless post-abortive women.  In “Abortion Stories in Cincinnati: The most important decision of her life,” Meg Perez shares that she was newly divorced when she became pregnant.  Perez already had a three-year-old and was excited about having another child.  However, the father of the baby made her feel as if Life was not a choice she could make.

“I thought that the person I was in a relationship with would be [happy] as well.  He in fact was not happy about it, and wanted nothing to do with it,” Perez shares.  “He basically told me, you can’t have this baby.  And I had no support.”  With no one cheering her on or offering help, Perez turned to an abortion mill.

But she knew that her abortion decision could easily waver, so she refused an ultrasound and did not look at Pro-Life advocates who were praying the rosary outside of the abortion mill, because she knew that she may change her mind if she saw either.  “I knew if I had the ultrasound, I would have had the baby,” she said. 

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Perez knew she had made the wrong choice instantaneously after undergoing the abortion.  “It’s almost like this darkness descends.  Your spirit is just completely dead when you walk out of there.  You’re just dead inside because you’ve just done this horrible thing.”

Perez grieves what could have been.  “It would have worked out,” Perez says.  “I know that there was a place for my daughter in my family.  And she’s gone.”

The overall message of Perez’s story is that Life is not created by mistake.  “When you get pregnant, that is a life,” she says.  “God has a plan for every life that is conceived, and when you pluck one of those out of the system, it screws up the plan.”


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