Obvious Child Deception

Reportedly, NBC has refusedto air an advertisement for the new movie “Obvious Child,” because the film focuses on and rallies for abortion.

Planned Parenthood is crying foul.  They have launched an online petition and social media campaign to gather names and signatures to #StopTheStigma around abortion.  The abortion business has accused the network news station of censorship.

The abortion giant released a statement regarding the refusal, “If NBC, is censoring the use of the word ‘abortion,’ then the network is refusing to even take part in a conversation, let alone an honest one that accurately reflects women’s lives.”

The ironic statement from Planned Parenthood is almost laughable.  The abortion business is blaming the network for avoiding the word abortion, when Planned Parenthood and all those in their camp purposefully avoid and detract from the abortion issue to sell their brand.

The abortion lobby’s use of words like “choice,” “reproductive justice,” and “women’s healthcare” are all meant to lure the public into their corner without ever using the word abortion, because they know abortion is not a winning issue.

Even Planned Parenthood’s biggest champion, President Barack Obama, will not use the “A” word.  In his speech to the abortion conglomerate last year, Obama nicely and cleanly sidestepped anything to do with the word abortion.

“As long as we’ve got a fight to make sure women have access to quality affordable healthcare, and as long as we’ve got to fight to protect a women’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you’ve also got a president who’s going to be with you fighting with you every step of the way,” he said.

Will Planned Parenthood’s loudest cheerleader stand up to NBC and force them to promote an abortion movie for the sake of women’s freedom everywhere?

Planned Parenthood’s faux outrage over NBC’s decision to not air the ad is another ploy to paint them as a victim.  The role is one they play well.  They make their multi-million dollar profits off vulnerable young girls and women while lying to and deceiving the American taxpayer.

Detracting from the real plight of women facing unintended pregnancies, Planned Parenthood continues to shift focus from the real issue: abortion takes the Life a living child.  NBC’s decision to not cater to the abortion giant and Planned Parenthood’s reaction to it shows their bully tactics reach much farther than the walls of their abortion centers.  And when they do not have their way, their tantrums are as large as their Life-ending profits.

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