Obama remembers victims of Nazi Holocaust; ignores victims of the American abortion holocaust

Monday, April 23, President Obama spoke at the National Holocaust Museum to honor the victims who were slaughtered at the hands of Nazi Germany before and during World War II. 


In his address, Obama stated that "we are haunted by the atrocities we did not stop," so many years ago. 


Obama spoke about the “madness” of mass atrocities being rooted in hatred. He then stated that the challenge of preventing such global atrocities “will never be done.” 


While he spoke of and defended his actions to prevent the killings of innocents abroad, Obama intentionally ignored the massacre of millions of innocent Americans taking place in his own country. 


Working to prevent the slaying of innocent people anywhere in the world is to be commended. To implicitly ignore and even sanction the killing of millions of innocent, unborn children is ghastly, but is exactly what the president is guilty of doing.


Abortion has become so commonplace in our society that people have forgotten, and now deny, what abortion truly does. Abortion ends the Life of a human being.  That child has been denied humanity by society. 


Being denied the right to live because a group of individuals deems you unworthy, unviable, or un-human is more than an atrocity, it is a holocaust. 


There is a reason the United States and the world commemorates the victims of the Jewish Holocaust: to remember a period when the humanity of a set of individuals was denied — so that we may never repeat that denial. 


Nearly 67 years have passed since the end of World War II, the fall of Nazi Germany, and the liberation of the Jews from the death camps. How long will it take for this nation and the world to acknowledge that they have done more than just “terminate a pregnancy,” but have actively participated in the genocide of American children?


We are already haunted by the atrocities of the abortions we did not stop. 

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