Now that we have seen the truth, we should start listening

People across the spectrum are outraged by the undercover videos released in the past few weeks.  People were shocked at the extreme measures Planned Parenthood would take to make a profit.  Some were nauseated, others faint, disturbed, or disgusted.  All are valid responses.  However, my response was different than most.

I didn’t stop watching the videos.  I didn’t feel faint or nauseated.  The undercover videos did not surprise me by revealing Planned Parenthood’s utter disregard for human Life or by unveiling the desire to profit no matter the means.  However, the videos did take my disturbance with the company to a new level.

Planned Parenthood is greedy, greedier than I had ever imagined.  Profiting from ending a human Life is one thing, but profiting from selling the baby’s vital organs while crushing the rest of him is simply inhumane.  They aren’t even treating the baby like a human.  They treat the baby like he is an old car to be taken apart and used for the parts.

As much as I am glad that people from both ends of the spectrum agree that what Planned Parenthood is doing is unacceptable, I am sad this much was necessary for people to realize how violent the abortion process is.  Yes, knowing where to crush and using ultrasound guidance is difficult to even think about, but look at the other abortions.  The ones done “the right way”—or rather, the lawful way—are just as horrific.

Instead of using guidance, the abortionist reaches in with his instruments and crushes whatever he can grab, yanks off a limb, and places the “war-torn” baby part in a tray.  Later, the abortionist or his assistant will put the pieces together like a puzzle to make sure none of the baby is still in the mother.  We all know how annoying the search can be when a puzzle piece is missing, but this is no ordinary puzzle.  What if that piece continues to decay inside the mother?  That is both disgusting and dangerous. But the possibility of leaving baby limbs inside the mother hasn’t seemed to stop Planned Parenthood.

Why is guided crushing and snipping worse to most people than unguided?  Sure, the abortionists are looking to profit off of the child, oh wait—they do that with lawful abortions too.  Well, they are intentional with the crushing of little baby parts…  Oh shoot, that’s what they do in lawful abortions.

The videos from the Center for Medical Progress do tell a shocking story, but not one that hasn’t been told before.  Lori Nerad, former national president of Women Exploited by Abortion, writes, “Two weeks after the abortion, I went into labor.  I staggered into the bathroom.  And there, with my husband beside me, I delivered a part of my baby the doctor had missed.  It was the head of my baby. . . I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I hear a baby crying.  And I still have nightmares in which I am forced to watch my baby being ripped apart in front of me.”

This testimony and many more can be found at Love Matters.  These are not isolated stories.  These are stories of real women who were betrayed when they needed support in a time of crisis.

The videos show that people are being sold for the biological material for the benefit of Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.  The videos show abortionists speaking callously about the women and children for whom they are “caring” and joking about buying Lamborghinis.  The videos even show the bodies of preborn children being sifted through for usable parts.  Watch them.  Perhaps this is the shock that is necessary for people to look at abortion and to hear the stories of what abortion really is.

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