How to change hearts on abortion in under one minute

A new video from Pro-Life Texas, Stolen Moments, offers a perspective so powerful, you may be left speechless after you see it:

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The video gives faces to a handful of the 55 million Americans who are not with us today because of legal abortion. Just imagine the millions of unique individuals who would be your siblings, your aunts and uncles, your teachers, your classmates, you doctors, your childhood best friends, your co-workers, or maybe even your spouse or your own children. They were not the victims of circumstance, disease, disaster, or accidents. Their deaths were wholly preventable – their lives could be thriving today. We will never know who those 55 million were, but we have all been affected by their loss.

The filmmakers at Pro-Life Texas, Jason Vaughn and Andrew Koch, wanted to expand the perceptions of the millions lost to abortion. Abortion victims are usually depicted as babies in utero, growing and developing. But what if we carried that image further, thought the filmmakers, to explore the adults and children who are tangibly missing from our daily lives today as a result of abortion. “I wanted something different that made people think of those aborted as not just blobs of tissue or distorted faces on a sonogram,” said Koch. “These were people who had a life and future taken from them and the world.”

Unfortunately, the pair’s vision was stalled by the anti-Life antics of Kickstarter, the crowd-funding site that bizarrely banned the Stolen Moments campaign, along with the hugely-funded Gosnell Movie campaign. Both campaigns moved to Indiegogo, where they each achieved or exceeded their full funding goals. “Crowd-funding has been huge to help creative messages on both sides of the spectrum to get out and promote open and free speech,” said Vaughn.

For such a short video, the pair put many months of work into production. But they wanted to get the first video just right, in hopes that the first installment will serve as the catalyst for a forthcoming series of short films aimed at providing an unexplored perspective on abortion to the masses. “If it makes one person thinks about their options and what may be lost if they get an abortion,” said Vaughn, “then it's a success beyond measure and well worth the efforts of all involved.”

Editor’s note: Pro-Life Texas was created in the summer of 2013 to inform people about the Pro-Life omnibus bill in the Texas legislature. Founder, Jason Vaughn, created the “Let Texas Speak” rally with other Pro-Life organizations around the state. Today, the goal of Pro-Life Texas is to train Pro-Life political activists in conservative groups and churches, endorse “Life and Liberty” candidates, and create “out of the box” Pro-Life media and events. For information or to get involved e-mail

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