Houston’s Saint Arnold Brewing Company to hold anti-Life "Men for Choice" event

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has announced that Houston’s iconic Saint Arnold BrewingCompany on Lyons Rd. in Houston will host their “Men For Choice” event to promote the group’s abortion agenda in Texas.

The “Men For Choice” Houston Facebook event reads:

As advocates for reproductive freedom, we’re not all the same – and that’s a good thing. Our different perspectives are a source of strength for this movement, making our shared vision all the more powerful.  That’s why we’re proud to honor the men in our movement at our Men For Choice events this spring!

Groups like NARAL are happy to support “different perspectives” and to “honor men,” as long as the perspectives and the men both support unrestricted, elective abortion access.  Men who do not share NARAL’s vision for abortion expansion do not receive the same level of respect or the fawning praises that “Men For Choice” enjoy. 

In fact, men who object to the senseless killing of their own preborn children are stripped of any paternal rights when abortion hangs in the balance.  They have absolutely no say in the fate of their children.  And if they do try to protect their preborn children from abortion – even offering to take full custody and responsibility for the child after he or she is born – they are sometimes threatened with police intervention.  

In short, “Men For Choice” are praised for ensuring that men have no choice in the Life or death of their children before birth.  Of course, however, if the mother chooses not to abort their child, the same father will be legally obligated to support the child until he or she is an adult.  Should the wantedness or location (inside or outside the womb) of a child determine his or her father’s rights?  We do not think so.

Saint Arnold Brewery is named after the 7th century bishop whose rich history has inspired many.  According to the brewery’s website, after St. Arnold’s tenure as bishop, he moved to a mountain where he built a chapel to shelter “lepers and others rejected by society.”  Sadly, the managers of the brewing company have betrayed the rich history of their namesake in favor of hosting an anti-Life organization that continues to persecute those rejected by society – the preborn.

You can visit the Saint Arnold Brewery page on Facebook to share why you are disappointed that they have chosen to help one of the most aggressively anti-Life organizations in the state of Texas.  The brewery can be reached by phone at (713) 686-9494 and (800) 801-6402 or emailed at brewery@saintarnold.com.

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas will also be holding “Men For Choice” events in Dallas and Austin, at the The Rooftop in Dallas, and at 600 Congress Ave, 26th Floor Patio in Austin. 

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