Houston Planned Parenthood spreads holiday abortion cheer

Today, two pro-abortion members of the Texas House of Representatives will host a Holiday party at the nation’s largest Planned Parenthood abortion center.  The Houston abortion monstrosity will play host to pro-abortion, Houston Democratic Representatives Jessica Farrar (HD 145) and Carol Alvarado (HD 148) and the Democratic Women of Houston.

The event is no surprise.  Both Farrar and Alvarado hold extreme anti-Life positions, and rank abysmally low on Texas Right to Life’s 2011 Legislative Scorecard.  Alvarado received the 8th lowest rank; Farrar is at the very bottom.  These women spent the 82nd legislative session working to block any Pro-Life legislation that would protect women and their unborn children, including the Sonogram Law.  Farrar was among members who stalled on the House floor preventing a Texas Right to Life bill from being heard which would have outlawed coerced abortions in Texas.  

Not only is holding the party in the nation’s largest abortion center bad taste, it simply reaffirms the representatives' staunch support of the abortion industry and the sad fact that they will continue to advocate for the destruction of children.  Christmas celebrations are meant to honor and celebrate the Gift of Life to this world, specifically the birth of Jesus.  Holding this party at Planned Parenthood is anything but celebrating Life or the One who bestows it.


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