Horror in Dallas: pregnant 14-year-old brutalized by family, delivers stillborn baby who is burned on grill

A horrific account was released in Dallas recently of a young girl tortured by her own family members, then forced to deliver an 8-month-old child whom the family burned on the barbeque grill before disposing of elsewhere.  The tragedy occurred in Dallas in 2013 after the young girl was impregnated by a family member.  Instead of seeking retribution from the rapist, the family ganged up on the innocent pregnant teen and preborn child, beating her violently until she delivered the child – purported to be dead at the time of birth—and  they proceeded to set the baby’s body on fire.  According to Houston’s KHOU 11:

The assault occurred in the living room of Sharon Jones' house.  The girl told police that Cecila McDonald, 25, pinned the girl's “arms down to the floor as Accomplice Lonnell McDonald sat on the complaint's stomach and began repeatedly bouncing up and down. Accomplice Sharon Jones called suspect Cedric Jones Jr. and told him to come over to the house.”

Lonnell McDonald, 27, then allegedly told Jones when he arrived that he had already been kicking the teen victim.  According to court documents, the suspects continued to beat, punch, and kick the girl in the stomach.

According to the court affidavit, the brutalization sent the young girl into the throes of premature labor.  “She was uncontrollably pushing and delivered what she believed was a stillborn baby,” say the documents.  “Accomplish [sic] Cecilia McDonald entered the bathroom and placed the baby in a white plastic mop bucket and removed it from the room.”

The girl’s family proceeded to place the baby in a barbeque grill in an attempt to incinerate the baby’s body.  But they were unable to completely destroy the child’s remains, so the young girl’s mother paid a family member $25 to “take care of the rest of it.”  Cedrick Jones put the baby in a drawstring bag and placed the bag in the trunk of his car.  Authorities never found the baby’s remains.

Although the perpetrators could likely be charged with the preborn child’s death as a homicide under federal law, at this point in the proceedings the four family members who brutalized the 14-year-old, killed her child, and conspired to destroy his or her body have only been charged with aggravated assault and engaging in criminal activity.  A fifth relative – presumably the girl’s rapist and baby’s father – has also been arrested and charged with the aggravated sexual assault of a child.

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