Help stop the secret DNR orders""

Friend, you can stop secret DNR orders by calling your legislators today!

We've warned you about secret DNR orders and the hospital death panels that already exist and operate in Texas. You've read about the patients who we've helped in the past — patients whose families accidently discovered hidden DNR orders and patients whose death was being expedited by hospitals until Texas Right to Life scrambled and helped move them to a different care setting.

We're in Austin right now trying to reform this heinous law that empowers hospitals to terminate patients' care, but a few legislators are being pushed by big medicine to reform the law the wrong way — giving even more power to hospitals. Please call the legislators on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and tell them to oppose SB 303. Click here to find the list of Senators and call each one of them right now.

The proposed SB 303 and HB 1444 strengthens the death panels by giving even more power to hospitals.

You see, if your loved one becomes ill, big medicine and some legislators think hospitals should have the power to slip a "Do Not Resuscitate" order or "Do Not Attempt Resuscitation" order into your chart — even against your protest!

Oppose secret DNR and DNAR orders by letting legislators know today that you want to be in charge of your own health care decisions.

The vast majority of doctors stand with Texas Right to Life and strongly oppose the practice of secret DNR's and DNAR's — good doctors do not and would not withdraw treatment against the patients' wishes.  But hospitals  are railroading doctors to become the medicrat's henchmen.  

Yes, this is hard to believe but this is happening right now in Texas!  Big Medicine is trying to push SB 303 through the Senate Health and Human Services Committee tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/9), but you can help protect yourself and your family by calling now.

Big medicine, and the legislators who collude with them, simply will not budge on their godly power to write DNR/DNAR orders without patient involvement.

Wait, there's more.  

The proponents of SB 303 uninvited Texas Right to Life from negotiations and crafted this dangerous proposal by consensus of a few groups who agree among themselves.  You read that right: Texas Right to Life was locked out of the room

Yes, the organization that leads on patient advocacy — the voice of patients — was not heard when crafting policy about how to care for patients!  


We must alert you about this because we’ve reached an impasse (read:  the medical lobby won't move an inch, even though we've offered 5 areas of compromise), and you should know that common sense is lost in Austin and we need your help.

Before Senate Bill 303 (and the House version-HB 1444) is passed to strengthen Texas' death panels, every single Pro-Lifer in Texas must take action right now.

Contact every member of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee from the following list and tell them to vote NO on SB 303!

Organizations like Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network and the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons also stand for you and for your ailing loved one and have voiced their opposition to Senate Bill 303. But if legislators ignore the will of Texans, the disabled, the terminally ill, and other patients and their families will have no voice against hospital administrators.

Click here to email every member of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

Also, spread this message to protect Life and forward this message to every Pro-Lifer in your family and church.

Jane Nelson (Chair) 512-463-0112   Jane.Nelson@Senate.State.TX.US

(R-Flower Mound)

Bob Deuell (Vice-Chair) 512-463-0102   Bob.Deuell@Senate.State.TX.US



Joan Huffman  –  512-463-0117   Joan.Huffman@Senate.State.TX.US



Robert Nichols – 512-463-0103   Robert.Nichols@Senate.State.TX.US



Charles Schwertner – 512-463-0105   Charles.Schwertner@Senate.State.TX.US


Larry Taylor –  512-463-0111   Larry.Taylor@Senate.State.TX.US


Carlos Uresti –  512-463-0119   Carlos.Uresti@Senate.State.TX.US

(D-San Antonio)

Royce West –  512-463-0123   Royce.West@Senate.State.TX.US


Judith Zaffirini – 512-463-0121   Judith.Zaffirini@Senate.State.TX.US


We are not alone. See who else stands with Pro-Lifers and opposes SB 303 in the list below. But if legislators listen only to the medical lobby, as they prefer, our voice means nothing.

Cathie Adams

President, Texas Eagle Forum

Beverly Aplikowski

Chairman, Human Life Alliance

Burke J. Balch, JD

Executive Director, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics

Judie Brown

President, American Life League

Joseph M. Graham, PhD

President, Texas Right to Life

Julie Grimstad, RN

Chair, The Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance, a committee of Human Life Alliance

David E. Hargroder, MD

Chairman, John Paul II Bioethics Commission

Margaret Hotze

President and Founder, Life Advocate

Ron Panzer

President, Hospice Patients Alliance

Alex Schadenberg

International Chair, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Bobby Schindler

Executive Director, Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

Andy Schlafly

General Counsel, Association of American Physicians & Surgeons

Carol Tobias

President, National Right to Life

Dave Welch

Executive Director, US Pastor Council

Make your calls right now.

Yours for Life,


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