Researchers continue to prove humanity of the preborn

Science is a wonderful thing, especially when new technologies and knowledge continue to confirm that Life inside the womb is a unique human being.  New technologies allow scientists and medical professionals to prove the unmistakable Life that exists inside the womb.

During the next two weeks in the Texas Legislature, the argument of the humanity of the preborn will play out in committee hearings in which the Texas Preborn Pain bill will be heard.  Texas legislators are taking cues from these new scientific findings and are aiming to protect these preborn human beings from the atrocities of abortion.

New studies are being conducted on preborn Life to discover how and when the connections in a prenatal brain "wire up."  Researchers conducting the studies into prenatal brain function and activity hope they will be able to treat or even prevent brain disorders like autism, dyslexia, or even schizophrenia.

This latest area of study is a great advancement into the plethora of scientific evidence mounting in favor of the Life of the preborn child.

For years now, the scientific community has gathered evidence that proves that children at 20 weeks gestation are able to feel pain.  Therefore, several states are working to pass legislation that protects those preborn children from the excruciating pain experienced during an abortion.

While myriad scientific studies and expert witnesses have confirmed the truth regarding the pain felt by preborn Life, abortion advocates continue to deny the evidence.

Anti-Life proponents constantly call Pro-Life supporters, and the legislators who work to pass protections for the preborn, "anti-science" and “backward” in their thinking.  Yet, as science continues to progress to a level where the world can prove unborn children feel pain or determine exactly how a prenatal brain is formed and functions, abortion proponents continue to devalue and dismiss anything that challenges their abortion agenda.

All this new evidence into the Life of the preborn child begs the question: Will the new developments of the preborn human brain be refuted as junk science such as the evidence citing pain felt by said child? 

Abortion advocates refuse to acknowledge the humanity of the preborn child.  More likely than not, they will continue the trend of denying science that clearly shows the natural development and real experiences of children still in utero.

Pro-Life activists are far from anti-science.  In fact, we welcome scientific advances, because the further science progresses, the more faith we have in the Life and humanity of the preborn child being proven to the world.

Like the researchers hoping to save children from brain disorders by studying the developing brain, Texas is taking the steps to use the science that shows the development of the human child.  Tell your legislators to stop the pain of preborn children.  Urge them to vote in favor of Texas Senate Bill 25 and House Bill 2364, the Texas Preborn Pain Act.

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