HISD under fire for blocking access to Planned Parenthood website

The Houston Independent School District has come under attack for blocking at least one student’s access to Planned Parenthood’s website and other abortion promoting sites.  Initially, a spokeswoman said that the block was in compliance with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which prohibits content “harmful” to children, like pornography, from being accessed on computers used by minors at libraries and schools.  But later, the spokeswoman changed her tune, stating that the abortion sites should not have been blocked and that an IT glitch prevented middle through high school students from accessing the content, stating that the system’s filters were being reviewed.

The district released a statement listing the six categories which are considered “inappropriate and blocked across the district.”  These categories include: “Nudity/pornography; Images or descriptions of sexual acts; Promotion of violence; Illegal use of weapons, drug use, discrimination, or participation in hate groups; Instructions for performing criminal acts; [and] Online gambling.” Grab some popcorn, because we’re about to outline how Planned Parenthood fits five of these six “inappropriate” categories.  Spoiler alert: the abortion sites don’t feature any online gambling.

1.      Nudity/pornography

Worse than students accessing inappropriate images on Planned Parenthood’s website, the organization was invited into Houston area schools in 2012 to disseminate a pornographic sex education program for middle school children.  American Life League reported:

There is a game where children are prompted to choose the steps in putting on a condom—choosing from a number of drawings of erect penises in various stages of being sheathed.  Then, a video is presented that shows two very young students ducking into another student’s house to have sex while the parents are gone.  The video shows the couple kissing on the couch, with the young man groping the girl and pulling up her shirt.

Planned Parenthood would have gleefully implemented this pornographic curriculum if parents and concerned citizens had not thwarted their plan by protesting the curriculum to school administrators.  Affirming Planned Parenthood’s disturbing obsession with sexualized nudity, a Planned Parenthood sex educator says that posting nude pictures of oneself online (which is illegal for minors) can contribute to body-positivity and be beneficial for one’s sex life, before briefly mentioning the negative consequences of this behavior, and blaming “society” for the lack of acceptance of nudity.

2.      Descriptions of sexual acts

Planned Parenthood has a very popular video series called, “A Naked Notion,” which is basically a library of descriptions of sexual acts and how-tos, as well as videos about various contraceptives and other sex-related topics.  Tutorials include how to achieve multiple orgasms during sex, how to experiment with oral sex, and, most notably, the presentation on BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) sex, aka the violent abuse promoted by the “50 Shades of Grey” books and movie.

3.      Promotion of violence

Speaking of “50 Shades of Grey,” Planned Parenthood is more than happy to fan the flames of a budding masochist.  In four separate states, Planned Parenthood sex educators were caught on camera encouraging a 15-year-old girl to experiment with BDSM sex because her boyfriend was “into kink.”  Several of the counselors even shared explicit details of their own sex lives which had to be censored from the videos because they were so inappropriate.  One counselor advised the girl:  “You could be a dominatrix, um, type of person.  To where you dress in, like, all leather or something, with the whips and handcuffs, and you don’t hurt him, unless he wants it.  Or he might be – want to be that towards you.  Be dominant over you.”  And by “be dominant over you,” the counselor means that he might do things like whip her, clamp her nipples, defecate on her, or tie her up with ropes before forcing himself on her violently.  Violence is healthy, Planned Parenthood explains, as long as the girl consents.

4.      Discrimination

Discrimination?  Planned Parenthood is an expert on this topic.  The group discriminates against 330,000 preborn children every year by killing them.  And then there is the gender discrimination against preborn females who die at Planned Parenthood because their parents were counseled to proceed with sex-selective abortions due to their preference for sons.  Planned Parenthood’s discrimination, in fact, is a founding principle.  The group was founded by a woman who was profoundly discriminatory against, well, everyone who wasn’t a healthy, wealthy, well-educated Caucasian.  Today, Planned Parenthood perpetuates this legacy by contributing to the ongoing racial discrimination of abortion.  In New York City, where Planned Parenthood boasts a thriving abortion mill presence, more black babies are aborted than born.

5.      Instructions for performing criminal acts

How about a Planned Parenthood manager explaining to a pimp and prostitute: 1. How to get illegally trafficked, underage girls into Planned Parenthood mills for abortions; 2. How to obfuscate the truth of his sex ring when completing forms for the sex workers; 3. How to get the girls back on the streets immediately after their abortions so that they can keep the pimp’s business lucrative when they should be recovering from a physically painful, invasive abortion experience (“Waist up, or be that extra action walking by.”).  This video boasts all three:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/L9Zj9yx2j0Y" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


The bottom line is, if HISD wants to maintain their Internet standards for students, then Planned Parenthood and all affiliated links should absolutely remain blocked. 

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