France first, then America

Yesterday, France revealed a new package of reforms that will provide French women a 100 percent reimbursement for abortions through the state’s social security system in 2013. Currently, women are reimbursed between 70 and 80 percent for the cost of an abortion, according to French news agency, AFP.

The move is the fulfillment of a promise made by President Francois Hollande during his election campaign before winning office in June. An official statement by the French government stated that the reimbursement is “necessary to ensure all women have equal access to abortion.” 


This is the very near future of America if we elect the wrong people. American taxpayers will subsidize abortion under President Obama’s own healthcare reform if state legislators do not move to block the abortion funding provision from taking effect in their states. 


The Democratic National Convention recently voiced support for government-funded abortion.


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