Commentator on Bill Nye’s bizarre monologue on abortion: "Where’s the science guy?"

Last month, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” attempted to debunk the Pro-Life, anti-Planned Parenthood stance with – of course – scienceHere’s what Bill had to say, in full.  Conservative commentator Daniel Dalton picked apart Nye’s fragmented talking points and unearthed their very unscientific foundations. 

Dalton’s response is hard-hitting, calling out Bill Nye for “willingly and unscientifically deceiving Americans about abortion.”  In fact, Nye’s diatribe was predicated on anti-religious sentiment, stereotypes of white male politicians, and non sequitur conclusions by which he extrapolated philosophical conclusions from premises that are not actually put forth by the Pro-Life community at large.  Nye’s comments were, ironically, based on anything but science.  Here’s Daniel Dalton’s commentary on YouTube:

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Nye’s comments come in the wake of a push to defund Planned Parenthood thanks to efforts by the Center for Medical Progress to expose the abortion group’s trafficking of fetal body parts.  As usual, a host of celebrity voices came to Planned Parenthood’s aid, detracting from the actual scandal by underscoring nice-sounding, non-abortion “services” provided by the well-funded conglomerate.  As if the fact that Planned Parenthood provides contraception and STI testing outweighs the fact that they butcher and sell babies. 

Nye is simply the latest celebrity to line up in support of the trendy chop shop, and unfortunately he decided to sacrifice his allegiance to science to make any kind of defense for Planned Parenthood’s reprehensible actions. 

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