Anti-Life group to abortionists: "Will you be my Valentine?"

There is no end to the irony in holiday cards proffered by the anti-Life movement. This past Christmas, for example, Planned Parenthood celebrated with a card design inspired by the many forms of contraception and abortifacients they sell. “Hope you’re planning,” the birth control card was captioned. (…planning on getting pregnant or contracting an STD from Planned Parenthood’s low-quality condoms? Planning on visiting the ER with a life-threatening pulmonary embolism from the NuvaRing? Planning on oncology bills when their birth control pills cause breast cancer?)

Over the weekend, the trend continued when NARAL Pro-Choice America posted a Valentine’s Day graphic on Facebook romanticizing the notion of preborn child-killing. “Will you be my Valentine,” the graphic asked abortionists. Also adorning the demented greeting were the words, “Today, we share our love and support with all of the brave abortion providers across the country.”

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“Love” for abortionists (and abortion, by extension) has long been a hallmark of the anti-Life movement. (The National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers testifies to that fact). The love, though, is schizophrenic in nature, trying futilely to selectively love abortionists while simultaneously hating their victims. But love and hatred cannot coexist in the same sentiment. This Valentine’s Day, we pray that the unborn will receive the love they deserve, and that abortionists will choose a noble profession in which they may exercise their abandoned commitment to “do no harm.”

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