Anti-Life author releases children’s book that bizarrely rationalizes abortion to children

Sex-obsessed artist Mary Walling Blackburn has published an online book entitled, “Sister Apple, Sister Pig,” rationalizing abortion to a little boy whose sister was a victim of the act.  In addition to shoddy formatting, unprofessional photography, and a boring writing style (take this child’s word if you don’t believe us), the book’s message is disturbing and deceptive.

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In summary, the book’s objective is to downplay the reality and ethical import of abortion by manipulating a child’s naturally straightforward understanding of abortion.  Instead of acknowledging that Lee’s sister was electively killed in a brutal manner, Lee’s mother tells him that his sister is a “ghost” – and Lee believes she is a “happy ghost.” 

Lee is informed by his parents that his sister could only “live briefly” because her parents did not have the time or food to allow her to be born.  Following his parents’ logic, Lee believes that his sister’s death must be a good thing because he and his sister (if she were alive) “would be wild and loud and sometimes we would fight,” and that would make Lee’s parents “tired and sad and mad!”  So, for Lee, goodness is anything that prevents his parents from experiencing discomfort.

Because Lee’s sister was aborted, she is content to sit quietly around the house as a ghost – but only when she is summoned to do so.  The conclusion drawn about sister’s death is that children should only exist when their existence is unobtrusive and convenient.  Should Lee worry that if his existence ever becomes inconvenient or expensive – perhaps becoming ill and requiring full-time care and medical expenses—his parents will simply kill him and return to their regularly-scheduled lives?

In reality, Walling Blackburn is radically dissociated from the thought processes of actual children.  Her message would surely go further and make a greater impact if children actually exhibited the kinds of thinking she seems to think they do.  Contrast Lee with the real-life boy in the video below to understand how children actually intuit the reality of abortion when they are simply given facts unencumbered by a radical abortion agenda:

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Although some have argued that Walling Blackburn’s book was not for children, she very pointedly deflects that perception here.  However, we hope that children everywhere are spared from this quiet obscenity that masquerades as a children’s book.

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