Abortion business gains full access to minors in California school

Planned Parenthood has been trying to infiltrate public schools for years, and they've finally succeeded.

They began by peddling sex-ed curriculum to school districts across the country, but now they've attained an unprecedented level of influence over students in a California school district by setting up shop on a high school campus.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles Unified School District have joined forces to reduce teen pregnancy at Roosevelt High School. The school district gave clearance for Planned Parenthood to set up a clinic on campus to offer primary care and reproductive healthcare to students, including contraceptives and STD testing.

While teen pregnancy has largely been on the decline in California, the school district said that Roosevelt hasn’t followed that trend. They’re hoping that increased access to contraceptives (and, no doubt, abortion referrals to Planned Parenthood surgical facilities) will make Roosevelt, which is located in a largely Latino community, fall in line with the rest of the L.A. schools.

This partnership is a boon to Planned Parenthood’s business. With access to impressionable minors without parental knowledge or consent, the abortion business can begin cultivating life-long customers at a young age. Planned Parenthood itself reports that most of its business is from repeat customers.

Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, said that the partnership between Roosevelt and Planned Parenthood is a mistake, and that parents need to be put on notice.

“Sadly, most parents may not even know that an organization that protects sexual predators and conceals illegal activity is offering so-called services to their children.

“Planned Parenthood seeks to divide parents and their children, and then when the result of that broken-down relationship is an unplanned pregnancy, Planned Parenthood is only too quick to kill the parents’ grandchildren with secret abortions,” said Graham.

This ground-breaking partnership will likely spread across the country, eventually reaching Texas schools.

“Planned Parenthood is desperate to spread its propaganda to the youth. That’s one of the reasons why Texas Right to Life pays attention to the school board elections and endorses Pro-Life candidates running for positions of influence in our school systems.

“School administrators must have the values necessary to protect our children from forces of evil like Planned Parenthood, which seeks to promote promiscuity and profit off the lives of others,” said Graham.

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