54-year-old Texas man impregnates 8th grader, forces preterm delivery, and commits infanticide

An eighth grade student and her late daughter have suffered an unimaginable ordeal at the hands of 54-year-old pedophile Mauricio Hernandez.  Hernandez was a custodian at the girl’s school in Irving.  He developed a relationship with her and took her to soccer practice regularly.  The 14-year-old viewed Hernandez as a father figure, calling him “dad.”  Hernandez took advantage of her trust to rape the young girl and impregnate her.  She was only 13 years old at the time.

Eight months into her pregnancy – of which her mother was allegedly unaware– Hernandez forced his young victim to ingest pills that caused her to go into premature labor.  According to the Dallas Morning News, “The girl told police that Hernandez supplied her with two pills on Friday and another on Saturday.  Hernandez told the girl the pills would ‘make her feel better,’ police said.”

When she went into labor, the girl went to the toilet at the soccer field, where Hernandez had taken her.  There, she delivered her daughter.  The girl heard a “large plop” when the baby was born and fell into the toilet.  Prosecutors say the baby, whose mother named her Brianna, drowned.  The medical examiner confirmed that the baby was born alive.  She weighed between 5 and 8 pounds at birth.

Hernandez pleaded guilty to both the young girl’s sexual abuse and the capital murder of her newborn daughter.  He has been sentenced to 50 years in prison.  All that the victim has left of her daughter is a cherished photo of the baby taken at her funeral.

In May, abortion advocates argued that young girls should be allowed to undergo secret abortions without parental involvement, brushing off concerns that such abortions may be coerced or forced by sexual abusers.  Abortion defenders opposed new measures passed during the 84th Legislative Session last month which will protect young teens from the kind of abuse and forced killing of their preborn children suffered by the Irving victim with the complicity of the abortion industry.

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