2022 Runoff Endorsements

2022 Republican Primaries

Anti-Life advocates are out for blood.  They not only want to abort children through all nine months of pregnancy, but they want YOU to fund the destruction with your tax dollars.  Pro-abortion forces will target Texas like never before, trying to sway you, your family, and your neighbors to vote Democrat.  Reach voters who are most vulnerable to the abortion mob directly with Pro-Life messages by giving to Texas Right to Life PAC.

Congressional District 28Sandra Whitten
Railroad CommissionerWayne Christian
Senate District 24Pete Flores
House District 12Ben Bius
House District 19Ellen Troxclair
House District 23Terri Leo Wilson
House District 52Caroline Harris
House District 60Mike Olcott
House District 61Paul Chabot
House District 63Jeff Younger
House District 70Eric Bowlin
House District 73Carrie Isaac
House District 85Phil Stephenson
House District 91Stephanie Klick
House District 93Nate Schatzline
House District 122Mark Dorazio
Tarrant County District AttorneyMatt Krause
Collin County Court at Law #5Jimmy Angelino
Brazoria County Court at Law #2Thomas Pfieffer
Randall County Commissioner Pct. 1Tam Boatler

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