Thomas McNutt, a Pro-Life conservative proud of his Texas roots

In addition to his work at the Collin Street Bakery, Thomas is active in his community. He is a member of the Rotary Club, serves on the board of the Corsicana YMCA, chairs the Navarro County Aggie Muster, and teaches Sunday school at the First Baptist Church of Corsicana. When he isn’t working or volunteering in his community, Thomas can be found with his family, hunting, fishing, attending sporting events, or reading Scripture.

Why does he feel called to lead?
“Like many fellow Texans, I know that our rights of Life and liberty are granted by God. I believe that government should exist to defend those rights, rather than whittle them away with heavy taxation and burdensome regulation.”

Early Voting: Feb. 16 – Feb. 26
Election Day: March 1

Political Ad Paid for by Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee

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