Video: Doctor told mom to have an abortion

Chass and Kirk Barker have three children, but their son Cameron almost didn’t make it into this world alive.  Early in her pregnancy, Chass became extremely ill.  She was inexplicably losing ten pounds per week, and her doctor told her that she might die.  “You should consider having an abortion,” he told her.  But Chass’ doctor failed to order any lab tests to find out what, exactly, was wrong with her. He also failed to provide her with any alternatives to the abortion.

Nurses advised Chass, who was twenty-years-old at the time, to seek a second opinion.  They said they had seen other mothers like her survive without having to think of aborting their children.  They also wanted Chass to be able to have lab tests that would help solve the mystery of her illness.  But Kirk and Chass trusted their doctor, and understandably so. He was the professional – he knew what he was talking about. Right?  Watch the family tell their heartfelt story in the video above. 

Kirk credits the presence of Pro-Life supporters as a crucial piece in the couple’s decision not to go through with their doctor’s suggestion to abort.  Their witness may have been the final push they needed to choose Life for their son.  And today Cameron’s Life, with his sweet and down-to-earth personality, affirms Chass’ decision to protect Cameron from his earliest moments in the womb. 

Thankfully, the Barkers were able to find a new doctor who provided Life-affirming care to Chass and Cameron, and her illness went away shortly after the day she was scheduled to, but did not, abort Cameron. 

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