Top Planned Parenthood abortionist on sifting through fetal organs: "I think it’s pretty amazing"

Although the abortion lobby is married to the cry of “deceptive editing!” in their singular attempt to discredit the content of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the full footage of videos continues to tell stories even more gruesome than the shorter, edited videos.  This is especially true of CMP’s fourth video, released Thursday, detailing Planned Parenthood abortionist Savita Ginde’s day-to-day operations in Colorado.

The full footage of that video is nearly three hours long, and contains the most graphically disturbing content thus far, with footage of staff sifting through the aborted remains of numerous preborn children of various gestational ages.  Ginde, who described her interest in fetal body part harvesting as “a fascination,” says she double-checks staff work by glancing at the remains of aborted children to make sure that no organs or extremities were left inside the mother (left-behind parts can and have caused maternal death by septicemia).  But she casually tells undercover CMP actors that she encourages abortionists in training to “poke around” in the remains, so that “embryology will come full circle.”

Ginde: But sometimes with the residents, I tell them to poke around, and sometimes embryology will come full circle.  Find all the parts you know, see what you can see.  Especially with the thirteen, fourteen, fifteen weekers, I think it’s pretty amazing.  We find heart, we’ve see kidneys and adrenals, sometimes there’s a thing I don’t know what that is but it’s a part.

In fact, even when “poking around” at the remains of aborted children who were much earlier in gestation than 13-15 weeks, Ginde is documented pointing out fully-developed fetal parts such as eyeballs, neural tissue, kidneys, hands, feet, lungs, shoulders – everything one could identify on an older child or adult cadaver.  At one point the resident abortionist in training, sifting through remains, nonchalantly says, “There’s another heart, completely perfect.”

Footage of the fourth video is rife with acknowledgments of preborn human Life.  Ginde is heard making statements such as, “It’s a baby,” and “another boy!”  The resident, too, spends her day on a disturbing hunt for a twin abortion, as if committing abortions is a video game and she can score extra points by ending the lives of two children at the same time.

You can watch the full footage of the fourth video here.  Due to the graphic and heartbreaking nature of the content, viewer discretion is advised.  You can read the complete transcript here.

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