The bizarre downward spiral of Wendy Davis

Remember the abortion fanatic, Wendy Davis? Since her gubernatorial defeat in November we’ve heard very little from the former State Senator who tried in vain to demolish the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill in 2013.

Since Texas flatly denied Wendy access to the governor’s mansion, she has explored the possibility of jumping onto the liberal speaker’s circuit. But efforts seem slow for the former darling of the anti-Life movement. According to the Houston Chronicle, the American Program Bureau (APB) can’t quite decide whether they want Wendy on their team. Said Bob Davis, the senior vice president of the APB:  “We’re trying to determine whether or not we can do the job for her, so we have not made any contractual relationship yet.”

The APB has Wendy gunning for community and college groups, but Wendy seems to be much more suited foradvertising for Planned Parenthood than public speaking on “women’s health issues.” In a Freudian slip, in fact, Davis acknowledges the dichotomy between Planned Parenthood’s “health care” offerings and their abortion business. The faux pas can be seen in the video below, which is supposed to be a promotion for Wendy as a potential speaker, but actually seems to be a Planned Parenthood advertisement not-so-artfully disguised: 

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Pro-Lifer Jill Stanek summed up the odd video at, explaining that that the video features an, “incredible shrinking half-woman appearing in the oddest of places, who – again – pitches solely to Planned Parenthood. Tacky doesn’t begin to describe the production quality.”

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