The Gospel according to Komen

The popular Susan G. Komen pink ribbon is everywhere:  cereal, yogurt, cat food, baby food – and now even the Bible.  Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers are now selling special edition “Here’s Hope” Bibles dedicated to breast cancer awareness and support of the Susan G. Komen foundation.  


Susan G. Komen has commercialized breast cancer to such a degree that it is hard to believe there is a product in a supermarket or big-box retailer that does not show off the sporty pink ribbon.  Hundreds of corporations have supported Komen, now including B&H Publishing.  


It is sad that such a publishing company, a major publisher of many of the country’s Bibles, is donating to an organization that is dedicated to the abortion industry.  B&H is a division of LifeWay Christian Resources, which is connected to the Southern Baptist Convention, a Christian organization that generally supports the Pro-Life movement.  


We sincerely hope B&H has realized the connection between Komen and Planned Parenthood and discontinued their contributions to the cancer research foundation.  The “Here’s Hope” edition of the Bible is no longer searchable on B&H’s website.  


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