Texas abortion industry violates safety standards, denounces higher precautions

On Monday, Judge Lee Yeakel, ruled that parts of the recently passed Pro-Life law, HB 2, are unconstitutional.  Just days prior to his judgment, the Texas Department of State Health Services released the results of an annual inspection of a chain of Texas abortion clinics.


A strong opponent of HB2 and the CEO of Whole Woman's Health abortion clinic, Amy Hagstrom Miller spoke against improving health and safety standards during 2013 legislative hearings, "There are no safety problems around abortion in Texas."  Yet, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), which regulates abortion facilities, has revealed the true picture of Miller’s abortion houses in Texas.


Four of five Whole Woman’s Health Clinics have incurred violations against safety laws during the last three years; some of these clinics fell short dozens of times.


Posing a direct threat to the health and safety of the patients, violations include a lack of sterilization of many abortion instruments, usage of rusty suction machines which could “cause infection” on patients, and medication that was not correctly labeled for specific use with patients.  One patient’s record showed that her “gestation did not fall within the parameter of the providing physician at [the] facility.”


Specifically, Whole Women’s Health of Beaumont, a plaintiff in the lawsuit against HB2 warranted violations multiple times for keeping unsafe conditions for women.  Some of the violations incurred by Whole Women’s Health are repeats of what the state had found over the last few years.


In a 2011 inspection, the Beaumont abortion center racked up violations spanning across the 17-page report.  Revealing the truth behind the details, the inspection report stated that the “facility failed to have a policy or procedure for patients being assessed at the facility who had the likelihood of developing health problems that had been discovered during their visit."


If the abortionist at Whole Women’s Health had admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, as HB2 mandates, the center could have facilitated the transfer and care of a patient who suffered complications from these unsanitary and hazardous conditions. 


Whole Woman’s Health, Planned Parenthood, and the abortion industry portray themselves as advocates for Women's health; however, these so-called providers further jeopardize the health and safety of women by ignoring basic standard of care practices.  The failed inspections of these abortion providers is deplorable.  Women deserve better.


The abortion industry cares only about protecting their bottom line, not the health and safety of Texas woman.

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