Texas Right to Life continues to pray for the Munoz family

Texas Right to Life is saddened by the decision to withdraw medical treatment from Mrs. Munoz and her preborn baby.  During the hearings before Judge HR Wallace, Jessica King, a Munoz family attorney asserted, "Pregnant women die every day.  They die in car accidents, of heart attacks and other injuries.  And when they die, their fetus dies with them.  It's the way it's always been and the way it should be."  Regrettably, no one was representing the interests or well-being of the baby, nor did the judge take time to explore the medical information or the diagnosis of brain death on the record.  While we grieve for the family, we grieve also that justice seemed absent in the courtroom today.

With great compassion, Texas Right to Life continues to pray for the Munoz family.

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