Texas Right to Life PAC endorses Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor

"The Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee proudly endorses Senator Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor.  His dedication to the Pro-Life cause is proven by his actions and leadership, and he will make the protection of innocent human life from fertilization until natural death a priority when serving at the helm of the State Senate.  We urge Pro-Life Texans to stand for Life with Dan Patrick in his race for Lt. Governor," said Elizabeth Graham, Texas Right to Life Director.

Dan Patrick has consistently and effectively advanced the Pro-Life movement in Texas, even before he was elected to the Texas State Senate.  Texas Right to Life is eager to build on recent monumental Pro-Life accomplishments with Senator Patrick as our next Lieutenant Governor.

In 2011, Senator Patrick shared Texas Right to Life's concern that women were being denied full medical information before making a life-changing abortion decision, and he courageously led the Sonogram Law to passage, making a pre-abortion sonogram a part of informed consent before an abortion.  Through the Sonogram Law, Senator Patrick also protected a woman's right to see her preborn child through this window to the womb.

Senator Patrick also supported strategies to expand funding for women's health care to agencies and providers that are not abortion providers or involved with abortion providers; Senator Patrick sought to spare women seeking basic screening and exams from going to abortion clinics for routine checkups.  Senator Patrick reinforced spending health care dollars on a broad spectrum of services for a wider population.

Patrick carried important legislation in 2013 that became part of HB2, the Pro-Life omnibus bill that became law, has shuttered a dozen abortion clinics in Texas, and will save thousands of baby Texans every year.

Senator Patrick has been an outspoken advocate for the preborn, consistently earning well over 100% on all of Texas Right to Life's scorecards and being a dominant force in the Pro-Life movement.

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