Pro-aborts launch online "march" to celebrate abortion

As a counter-protest to the March for Life that occurred this week in Washington, DC, pro-abortion groups are putting on a march of their own—on the internet.  Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and a host of other anti-Life organizations, along with, have deemed January 20-27th “Trust Women Week,” to celebrate the “reproductive freedom” gained by Roe v. Wade.


The organizers for this event could not have chosen a more ironic name.  Abortion exploits women.  The abortion industry has proven time and time again that they do not trust women enough to give them all of their options when facing an unintended pregnancy.


Trusting women is not a problem for the Pro-Life movement or the congressmen and women who vote to protect the rights of women to defend the unborn.  The Pro-Life movement works to truly empower women by giving them every option available to them when facing an unintended pregnancy, not just abortion.  No, recent events prove that the inability to truly trust women lies with the abortion industry and its money-hungry cohorts.


The irony is especially evident to Texans who have been fighting attacks from a “pro-choice” law firm and an activist judge.  The state of Texas is defending one of the most commonsense pieces of legislation ever to become law.  Via sonogram, all Texas women are now able to see the image of their unborn child before an abortion is committed.  They are now to be given all the medically accurate information about the procedure and the risks involved.  However, the abortion business would rather keep women in the dark than trust them to make a fully informed decision regarding their body and the Life of their unborn child.


Trusting women is more than showcasing abortion as their only option.  Abortion never does anything but kill a living human being.  Women are strong and history has proven that fact.  The abortion lobby is taking notice and they feel threatened by the amount of Pro-Life legislation that was introduced and passed in 2011 so much so, that they are putting on this virtual march.


The time has come for the abortion-hungry minority to realize that women deserve the best possible options for themselves and their children, and abortion is not the answer.

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