Pro-Life film kicked out by Kickstarter

Many have heard of Pro-Life filmmaker Phelim McAleer and wife Ann McElhinney who were barred from using the crowdsourcing company Kickstarter to produce their Gosnell documentary.  Pro-Life advocates in Dallas tried using the same company to promote their Stolen Moments Campaignand were also denied.

Dallas filmmaker Jason Vaughn started his crowdsourcing campaign to promote and produce a short film and full documentary on the effects of abortion on individuals.  The film is meant to highlight the personal stories and the impact abortion has on women, men, and the community around them.

Vaughn was notified that his project had been rejected for not complying with company policies.  When the Pro-Life filmmaker appealed the initial decision, he received this message from Kickstarter:

The project you submitted does not meet our Project Guidelines, and it can no longer be submitted to Kickstarter.  We consider providing “resources and choices for those in crisis pregnancies” self help, safety, and health advice which fall outside our scope unfortunately.

The crowdsourcing company claims sharing the true, personal stories of families who have been ravaged by abortion to be “self-help” and does not fall within their “scope” of being able to fund the project.

Yet, Vaughn says there is nothing the in film that could be described as “self-help,” but rather a gathering of stories that offer a different look into a world so deeply affected by abortion.

Everyone has a story to tell.  Our stories are made of a special moments throughout our lives.  Stories come from both the good and bad moments.  Yet, due to abortion we’ve lost millions of potential moments in our lives.  Moments that would be part of our story.  Moments that were stolen from all of us.

Like the creators of the Gosnell film, Vaughn has moved his project to the more affable IndieGoGo site for crowdsourcing their project.  May 8 is the final day to contribute to the Stolen Moments campaign.  Please consider allowing Jason and his team to tell the stories of these families and communities who have lost so much more than just moments. 

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