New video from Center for Medical Progress debunks more of Planned Parenthood’s lies

Last week, the Center for Medical Progress released a new video compiling excerpts of footage that collectively debunk Planned Parenthood’s lie that the organization’s abortionists never adjust the abortion procedure in order to harvest more valuable tissue samples.

The video, entitled “HARVEST – Planned Parenthood’s Custom Abortions for Better Baby Parts,” aggregates statements by Planned Parenthood abortionists, tissue procurement big wigs, and a Planned Parenthood research director. The video proves that Planned Parenthood has no defense against the claim that they alter their abortion technique in order to procure salable, intact fetal body parts and even intact bodies. 

In July, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos caught Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards in a lie.  The conversation was Planned Parenthood’s first interview response to the scandal after the release of the first two videos (featuring Planned Parenthood abortionists Deborah Nucatola and Mary Gatter, respectively), and Richards was visibly perturbed by the unusual level of scrutiny that was being placed on her company’s business practices.  Little did she know that in the many videos that would follow, her defenses of Planned Parenthood would be repeatedly debunked by video evidence of Planned Parenthood contradicting her claims. 

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Stephanopoulos pointed to evidence in the first two videos that “the clinics adjust the abortion procedure to better harvest the fetal organs,” to which Richards responded, “absolutely not,” insisting that she had spoken to abortionists “all over the country” to ensure that the law was being followed.  Apparently, she failed to speak with Planned Parenthood Senior Medical Director, Deborah Nucatola, or the abortionists that Nucatola herself trained (such as Savita Ginde), both of whom appear in the CMP’s latest video.

In the video, Mary Gatter tells undercover journalists that she believed the law preventing abortionists from altering the abortion procedure was a “specious little argument.”  She also said she would look into using a different abortion method in order to keep the organs of early gestational age babies intact (whereas they would normally be obliterated by an electric vacuum aspirator).  Gatter calls this a “less crunchy technique.”  Deborah Nucatola tells CMP investigators that abortionists use “ultrasound guidance” to ensure that they place their crushing forceps on body parts that are not needed in order to ensure that salable parts remain intact.  Nucatola assures the investigators that there is no legal problem with committing illegal abortion procedures (such as partial-birth abortion) as long as an abortionist says they did not “intend” to use that procedure, because “laws are up to interpretation.”

Likewise, Savita Ginde says doctors can be trained to make sure they do not crush the wrong body parts while committing an abortion.  And, along with Ginde, Houston Planned Parenthood research director Melissa Farrell and Perrin Larton of Advanced Bioscience Resources all agree that obtaining the full cadavers of aborted babies – whether intentionally through technique manipulation, or accidentally because of early live delivery – is easy.  Abortionists “can make it happen,” assures Farrell.  In a press release, the Center for Medical Progress reveals the horrific actions that culminate in the procurement and sale of intact bodies and body parts [emphasis added]:

The harvest and sale of aborted fetal organs and tissues exists to meet the demand for fresh and undamaged body parts, typically from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.  These practical constraints, plus the financial benefits offered by tissue purchasers, create incentives for Planned Parenthood to change their abortion procedures and even use illegal methods like partial-birth abortion to get fresh and intact specimens.  In tissue harvesting cases, the absence of feticidal chemicals combined with the active attempt to remove the fetus as intact as possible make it far more likely the fetus may be born alive, only to be vivisected to death for his or her body parts.

While both houses of Congress have voted to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of this indisputable evidence, Obama was more committed to his anti-Life agenda than to justice, and vetoed the bill immediately.


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