An explanation of Texas Right to Life PAC endorsements

Each election season, the Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee increases activities, vetting candidates and investing in certain races.  These races encompass the Texas House and Senate, statewide offices, judicial elections, Congressional seats, and even various local races.  As Texas Right to Life continues to grow throughout Texas, so does our electoral activity.

The races in which Texas Right to Life chooses to take a vested interest are carefully chosen by our staff and supporters.  Are there certain legislators who have betrayed the Pro-Life community?  Are there geographic areas in which the constituency may be ready for an active Pro-Life leader?  Are there elected officials who have been unwavering in their defense of innocent human Life and are needed back in office?  If the answer is yes, then Texas Right to Life PAC chooses to do all we can, with the resources blessed and entrusted to us, in helping to build the Culture of Life in Texas.

How the Texas Right to Life process works

To earn the Texas Right to Life political seal of approval, each candidate must first complete a straightforward issues survey, and then members of our PAC panel conduct an interview.  The personal meeting opens windows into the candidates’ hearts and minds and reveals the underpinnings of their political beliefs—key factors in shaping one’s Pro-Life values.  When time is spent discussing an issue thoroughly, candidates’ views are often further cemented, and yet, occasionally, that additional discussion reveals a candidate is not adequately prepared to advocate for Life in the office sought.

The process is only required once of each candidate, unless an incumbent seeking reelection has acted or voted contrary to Texas Right to Life’s positions and goals, or if a current public official seeks a different office, such as an attorney general who runs for governor or a state senator who runs for comptroller.

Who we choose to support

Texas Right to Life is an advocacy organization that works to advance Pro-Life policies through legal, prayerful, and peaceful means.  A key component of this work is forming and passing bills, like the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill and the Sonogram Law.  To best support strong, protective legislative measures, the convictions of the men and women who hold public office is an essential ingredient.

During election season, Texas Right to Life PAC supports those candidates who share our stated values.  Given the choice between an incumbent who agrees with Texas Right to Life 70% of the time and a newcomer who has pledged and convinced our PAC panel that he or she proactively agrees with 100% of our platform, Texas Right to Life will choose the newcomer. The Right to Life calls for nothing less than full commitment.

Continue following Texas Right to Life to see who the Pro-Life candidates are in your area!

2016 General Election:

Early Voting:October 24 – November 4

Election Day:November 8

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