2018 Endorsements

This list will be updated as Texas Right to Life PAC continues to release endorsements throughout the election season.


Texas House of Representatives

Challengers and open seats:

House District 2: Bryan Slaton

House District 4: Stuart Spitzer

House District 8: Thomas McNutt

House District 9: Garrett Boersma

House District 11: Danny Ward

House District 13: Jill Wolfskill

House District 14: Sarah Laningham

House District 15: Steve Toth

House District 18: Emily Kebodeaux Cook

House District 23: Mayes Middleton

House District 47: Jay Wiley

House District 52: Jeremy Story

House District 55: Brandon Hall

House District 59: Chris Evans

House District 62: Brent Lawson

House District 87: Drew Brassfield

House District 88: Jason Huddleston

House District 99: Bo French

House District 106: Jared Patterson

House District 107: Deanna Maria Metzger

House District 113: Jonathan Boos

House District 114: Lisa Luby Ryan

House District 121: Matt Beebe

House District 122: Chris Fails

House District 126: Kevin Fulton

House District 134: Susanna Dokupil



House District 3: Cecil Bell, Jr.

House District 5: Cole Hefner

House District 6: Matt Schaefer

House District 10: John Wray

House District 16: Will Metcalf

House District 19: James White

House District 21: Dade Phelan

House District 24: Greg Bonnen

House District 56: Charles “Doc” Anderson

House District 60: Mike Lang

House District 63: Tan Parker

House District 66: Matt Shaheen

House District 67: Jeff Leach

House District 68: Drew Springer

House District 69: James Frank

House District 70: Scott Sanford

House District 73: Kyle Biedermann

House District 83: Dustin Burrows

House District 85: Phil Stephenson

House District 86: John Smithee

House District 91: Stephanie Klick

House District 92: Jonathan Stickland

House District 93: Matt Krause

House District 94: Tony Tinderholt

House District 96: Bill Zedler

House District 97: Craig Goldman

House District 105: Rodney Anderson

House District 108: Morgan Meyer

House District 115: Matt Rinaldi

House District 128: Briscoe Cain

House District 129: Dennis Paul

House District 130: Tom Oliverson

House District 132: Michael Schofield

House District 133: Jim Murphy

House District 138: Dwayne Bohac

House District 150: Valoree Swanson


Texas Senate


Senate District 30: Pat Fallon

Senate District 31: Mike Canon and Victor Leal



Senate District 2: Bob Hall

Senate District 4: Brandon Creighton

Senate District 7: Paul Bettencourt

Senate District 9: Kelly Hancock

Senate District 10: Konni Burton

Senate District 16: Don Huffines


Statewide races

Challengers and open seats:

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8: Michelle Slaughter


Governor: Greg Abbott

Lieutenant Governor: Dan Patrick

Attorney General: Ken Paxton

Comptroller of Public Accounts: Glenn Hegar

Commissioner of Agriculture: Sid Miller

Justice, Supreme Court of Texas, Place 4: John Devine

Justice, Supreme Court of Texas, Place 6: Jeff Brown



U.S. Congress

Congressional District 2: Kathaleen Wall

Congressional District 3: Van Taylor

Congressional District 5: Bunni Pounds

Congressional District 6: Ron Wright


Judicial Races

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 7: Terry Yates and Katy Boatman

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 8: Michael Massengale

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 9: Jennifer Caughey

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 6: Michael Toth

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 3: Brett Busby

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 11: John Browning and Tom Nowak

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 12: Jim Pikl

Tarrant County:

Judge, 323rd District Court: Alex Kim

Judge, Tarrant County Probate Court No. 1: Patricia Cole

Collin County:

Judge, 219th District Court: Jennifer Edgeworth

Harris County:

Judge, 182nd Criminal District Court: Jesse McClure

Judge, 184th Criminal District Court: Renee Magee

Judge, 257th Family District Court: Melanie Flowers

Judge, 263rd Criminal District Court: Charles Johnson

Judge, 295th Civil District Court: Richard Risinger

Judge, Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 2: Erin Swanson

Judge, Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4: Sophia Mafrige

Montgomery County:

Judge, 284th District Court: Kristin Bays

Hays County:

Judge, 428th District Court: Benjamin Wetmore


Judge, 369th District Court: Frank Dobrovolny (Anderson, Cherokee, and Leon County)



Miscellaneous local races

Eastland County Judge: James King

Collin County Judge: Chris Hill

Erath County Judge: Alfonso Campos

Coryell County Judge: Alan Mathis

Montgomery County Judge: Mark Keough

Montgomery County Treasurer: Melanie Bush

Tarrant County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3: Bill Brandt

Harris County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 2: Mike Wolfe

Harris County Republican Party Chair: Chris Carmona

State Board of Education, District 7: Matt Robinson



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