Bryan Slaton is the Pro-Life choice in House District 2

Bryan Slaton is the Pro-Life candidate in the upcoming Republican Primary Runoff election for State Representative for Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt counties. Slaton is a committed conservative who will truly represent the values of East Texas, unlike the current state representative Dan Flynn.

Throughout Dan Flynn’s 17-year career in office, he has sold out your values to the anti-Life lobby in Austin. The most prominent example of this is Flynn’s support of a dangerous bill that would have allowed hospitals to withhold life-sustaining treatment from patients if they have a disability. This would have expanded the horrible 10-Day Rule in state law, which allows hospital death panels to pull the plug on patients against their will. At other times, despite persistent requests from Texas Right to Life, Flynn has refused to co-author life-saving legislation such as the bill that would have repealed the 10-Day Rule. Instead of helping to fight anti-Life laws, Flynn has sought to expand them.

Bryan Slaton served for over a decade as a family and youth minister, and he now works at his family-owned small business.

Slaton will passionately advance the Pro-Life movement and protect innocent preborn children from abortion. Unlike Dan Flynn, Bryan Slaton will also protect vulnerable patients from euthanasia.

When elected, Slaton will restore strong conservative representation to your community. Early voting is January 29 – July 10, and Election Day is July 14. Click here to find out where to vote. Vote Pro-Life for Bryan Slaton!

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