Why videos exposing Planned Parenthood have resonated with Americans

26-year-old Center for Medical Progress (CMP) founder, David Daleiden, spoke at last month’s 10th annual Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C.  He asked attendees to continue sharing the videos and galvanized the audience with his unflinching Pro-Life conviction.    

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In his remarks, Daleiden posits why the investigative videos of Planned Parenthood have resonated with so many Americans (even when the mainstream media remain mum, complicit in Planned Parenthood’s crimes).  He explained:

There is a paradox at the heart of Planned Parenthood’s body parts trafficking that I can never get over, and that I think is the reason these videos are resonating with so many people from all different walks of life. 

On the one hand, the human fetus – the unborn baby – is not considered fully human enough.  Their humanity is not considered equal enough to our own in order to be fully protected by our laws and in order to be protected from being killed by abortion.  On the other hand, it is precisely their equal humanity that makes them valuable for sale and experimentation and makes Planned Parenthood and their harvesting proxies hunt after their body parts like buried treasure. 

That kind of contradiction lays bare the hypocrisy of legal, state-subsidized, industrial-scale child-killing and organ harvesting in America.

Daleiden has seen first-hand the mind-numbing barbarism with which Planned Parenthood operates, even at the highest levels of the organization.  He has witnessed the callous and inhumane manner in which the remains of preborn children killed at Planned Parenthood are handled, their parts dissected in search for salable “specimens.” 

He has shared meals with top Planned Parenthood abortionists who nonchalantly explain which parts of the living child they “crush” in order to preserve the most profitable baby parts, and who barter for top dollar because they “want a Lamborghini.” 

Daleiden has personally seen – and shown America – a side of Planned Parenthood that the group’s meticulously pink-washed marketing arm will never be able to render unseen.  The damage is done, and we’re seeing the inhumane organization’s inevitable downfall.

Learn more about David Daleiden’s work with the Center for Medical Progress here.

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