What Amnesty International left OUT of the story of a pregnant, ten-year-old rape victim is shocking

Her stepfather raped her, and now her mother wants her to abort the preborn child: This is how one pregnant, ten-year-old rape survivor is being doubly victimized in Paraguay. 

After a ten-year-old in Paraguay was raped, no one knew that she was pregnant until she was taken to the hospital with stomach pains which led to the revelation that she was 21 weeks along.  The pregnancy was the result of rape – by her own stepfather.  Now, the little girl’s mother is campaigning to kill the preborn child.  But instead of scrutinizing the mother’s questionable motives, Amnesty International has joined forces with the woman to demand an abortion for the ten-year-old rape victim.  The “human rights” group initiated a petition asking 50,000 signers to demand an abortion for the rape victim.  That goal has not been reached.

Consider: This little girl was not grabbed on her way home from school and raped by a stranger; she was violated – likely many times—by the man with whom her mother lived.  And that is not all – the little girl’s mother was later arrested for helping the rapist stepfather, Gilberto Benitez Zarate, escape after the girl’s pregnancy was discovered.  With her help, Zurate remained a fugitive for more than two weeks before being caught and arrested by authorities. 

Yet, in the bizarre universe of abortion advocacy, the woman who tried to help Zurate escape punishment for raping her ten-year-old daughter has been granted credibility as a campaigner for her daughter’s well-being.  In reality, in light of the fact that she helped her daughter’s rapist, the mother’s interest in killing the child is likely her desire to eliminate evidence of her husband’s crime (aka, the preborn child he fathered).  In other words, the little girl’s mother helped the rapist to escape, and then petitioned for the baby to be aborted before she herself was arrested for helping the perpetrator to achieve fugitive status.  But we have yet to see support for the mother rescinded by abortion activists.

Has anyone – besides the Paraguayan government – really asked what is best for the little girl, both in the short-term and the long-term?  When asked why the law prevents the ten-year-old from undergoing a late-term abortion, the Paraguayan Health Minister, Antonio Barrios, said: “The Ministry’s position is to protect the National Constitution, which says you must preserve life over everything else, and it is considered a life from the moment of conception.”  While the liberal media are reporting that the girl’s request for an abortion is being denied, the actual fact is that her mother’s request for her daughter to undergo an abortion is being denied.

The government seems to be the only entity to incorporate logic and compassion while concluding that the little girl’s life is not in danger due to the pregnancy, and that aborting her baby would only add the killing of an innocent person to the roster of offenses committed in the tragic scenario.  Instead, the girl’s mother’s campaign with Amnesty International to kill the child has trumped all true sense of justice in the media’s portrayal of the facts.  Make no mistake: This is about normalizing and glorifying abortion, and has nothing to do with helping an exploited rape victim. 

In reality, abortion is not the life-saving necessity Amnesty International is insisting the procedure is.  On the contrary: The Clinical Hospital in Paraguay reports that 100% of the fourteen young girls between the ages of nine and fifteen who gave birth there last year emerged from the experience “fine.”  Meanwhile, the rape victim is now 24 weeks pregnant and is being cared for at the Red Cross Hospital in a ward with other young pregnant girls.  She will deliver via ceasarian section to avoid the complications a natural birth could pose to her small body.  As LifeNews explains, this is still much safer than undergoing a late-term abortion. 

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