Texas files Preborn Pain Bill

(Austin) Texas Right to Life’s flagship bill for the 83rd Legislative Session was filed today.  The Preborn Pain Bill will establish a state interest in protecting the lives of preborn children who can feel pain.  State Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy) filed SB 25, and the companion bill, HB 2364 was filed by State Representative Jodie Laubenberg, (R-Parker).  Both legislators have been recognized by Texas Right to Life for their prolife voting records and achievements.

Ample peer-reviewed scientific studies confirm that preborn children are capable of feeling pain in the womb by 20 weeks post-fertilization, if not sooner.  Congruent with the state's interest in the lives of these preborn Texans, the Texas Preborn Pain Bill will stop abortions at the 20-week mark, thus sparing preborn children from the torturous pain of late abortion. 

After filing SB 25, Senator Hegar shared: “Establishing Texas’ interest in the life of the preborn child who feels pain reflects the mindset of the majority of Texans who are committed to defend innocent life in Texas.  This state interest will allow Texas the legal capacity to shield these preborn babies from inhumane and unnecessary pain.”   

Representative Laubenberg is ready to work on passing the legislation: “Texas believes all life is worthy of protection, the babies who will be saved through HB 2364 will be spared the excruciating pain of abortion.”

Texas Right to Life urges Pro-Life Texans to call their state representative and state senator today to urge him/her to protect innocent preborn babies from late abortion by supporting HB 2364 and SB 25.  

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