Stop the Progressive War on Women

You saw the lies during the debate.

At least four times, our President reminded Americans how close he is to the most evil organization in America: Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider.


Here's the reality: the President is trying to attract more votes from women by spreading the myth that Planned Parenthood is a real health care clinic!


Mr. President, when you refer women to an abortion center for health care, you will never have my vote.


Consider this: in 2011, we made sure that Texas passed a law that disqualified abortion businesses from receiving taxpayer funds. Since this defunding, Planned Parenthood has closed 14 centers.


These are centers that will no longer be funded by taxpayers to prey on women in difficult positions!



In Texas, there are over 4,000 real healthcare clinics that are NOT tied to the abortion industry and provide comprehensive healthcare to women — not just the limited services Planned Parenthood sometimes provides for a fee.


Stop the progressive war on women! Help me fight back the lies and keep Planned Parenthood from grabbing our hard-earned money, killing our unborn children, and victimizing women.


We only have 17 days, but we can reach Texans with the truth if you join other supporters to help me raise $36,453 by November 6.


Reaching Texans in battleground districts is an expensive task. But, we've already raised $3,660 towards this goal.



We're up against the powerful abortion business with millions of dollars at their disposal spreading lies about women's healthcare in our state.


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