Pro-Lifers continue to fight PP’s illegal activity in SA

Earlier this month, Pro-Lifers gathered at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter during Planned Parenthood’s annual fundraiser and held a press conference to educate the local community about the tax-funded abortion agenda of Planned Parenthood.  The Marriott Rivercenter annually hosts the abortion giant’s fundraisers.  This year, celebrity Tim Gunn of Project Runway was a special guest at the event.  Pro-Lifers were encouraged to visit Gunn’s public social media sites to voice concerns about his support of elective abortion.

Patrick Von Dohlen of the San Antonio Family Association and the Stop Planned Parenthood San Antonio Coalition led the press conference, surrounded by Pro-Lifers who witnessed peacefully for Life.  A post-abortive mother of Silent No More also spoke out about her two abortions and their negative impact on her life.  Pro-Lifers in San Antonio hope to stop the rapid growth of the abortion industry in their city, educate the community about Planned Parenthood and abortion, and demand that politicians in the city begin listening to the Pro-Life community’s concerns.

Von Dohlen raised awareness of the racial targeting of Planned Parenthood, which admitted last year in their annual report that 71% of their abortion clientele were Hispanic women (5% were black, 20% white, and 4% “other”).  The issue is especially troubling to San Antonio residents, more than half of whom are Hispanic.  The ethnic biases of Planned Parenthood are deeply-rooted, beginning with the group’s founder, Margaret Sanger, who was a rabid eugenicist.

Pro-Lifers in San Antonio have worked to hold the abortion industry compliant with the requirements of House Bill 2, the 2013 Pro-Life law that holds the abortion industry to unprecedented accountability standards.  Although the organization is constructing a facility that meets HB 2 structural standards, Planned Parenthood continues to evade legal requirements by skirting zoning laws.  Worse yet, city council members, the mayor, and lawmakers have remained complicit with Planned Parenthood throughout the process.  The Assistant District Attorney even asked Planned Parenthood’s permission to sign a hotly-contested court order that would have halted construction because of zoning violations.

Visit Blood Money San Antonio and like the group’s Facebook page to find out how you can make a difference for Life in San Antonio.

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