Nothing says holiday cheer like supporting abortion advocates

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has started a new campaign for the holidays that allows you to purchase “Pro-Choice” t-shirts “with sizes and styles to suit everyone on your gift list.”  The shirts are to benefit NARAL’s political efforts to place pro-abortion politicians in office.


The three t-shirt choices are as follows: “I [heart] Pro-Choice Boys”, “I [heart] Pro-Choice Girls” and “Even Cowgirls Get to Choose!” with a silhouetted cowgirl lassoing the state of Texas. 


Both the “I [heart] Pro-Choice Girls” and “I [heart] Pro-Choice Boys” are demeaning to women and girls.  It is allowing men to objectify women because they know she is willing to “rid” herself of the “problem” if she becomes pregnant.  Showing you “heart” a pro-choice boy devalues a Life that could be created.  It immediately shows that you would enter a relationship where your partner does not value your Life enough to support you and a future child.  And “hearting” pro-choice girls shows the amount of disrespect girls are shown when it comes to relationships and sex.


The term boy is used appropriately, because a man would stand up for his pregnant girlfriend or wife and support a child no matter what the circumstance.


NARAL Pro-Choice Texas thinks having the “right to choose” empowers girls and women, but the pro-abortion activists never finish that phrase.  They are telling the young girls of Texas that it is okay to choose abortion because you can still live your dream – whether that dream is college or lassoing the state of Texas.  Choosing abortion over giving Life should never be an option if a woman wants to truly feel empowered.

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